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Your Exclusive Invitation to Join...

Congratulations on your decision to join Alex Green and become a new subscriber of The Momentum Alert.

Before your subscription is activated, it's important that you read the information below carefully.

With this service, Alex will alert you when institutions first target a stock.

These are the moments when waves of cash start hitting. As share purchases go from a few thousand to a million, the stock naturally increases in value.

And you'll have the chance to ride these waves to new highs.

The Momentum Alert will strictly implement the simple process you saw in today's presentation.

During Alex's 12 years of using this system, he's banked some of the biggest windfalls in the market, such as 669% on Cerner, 1,024% on Chipotle, 300% on Panera Bread and 842% on Boston Beer...

In 2015 alone, Alex has closed out an average gain of 128%.

That's the goal of The Momentum Alert...

To show you how much money can be made from this extremely profitable pattern time and time again.

So what can you expect as a new subscriber?

Quite a lot.

Once a company has passed Alex's Predictive Protocols and is gaining momentum on rising volume, you will receive an urgent alert. In fact...

  • You can expect to receive 2 - 3 new recommendations from Alex every month.

    Each will include an overview of the company, a checklist of Alex's Predictive Protocol requirements and easy-to-follow instructions on how to execute the trade.

    And remember, these trades will be simple enough for any beginner to do. No special knowledge or trading platform is required.

  • You will receive "Sell" alerts for the chance to bank maximum profits.

    As long as a stock's momentum is strong and institutions keep buying, there are few reasons to sell.

    That means Alex will generally stay in these trades for the entire duration that the stock prices are moving up.

    But as soon as a stock's momentum slows down, Alex will send out an immediate "Sell" alert.

    And through his research, that's the perfect moment to take profits.

    That's critical. It means your money will ALWAYS be going into stocks that are racing higher... and your money will NEVER be stuck in positions moving nowhere.

    Remember, these stocks move fast, so gains can often come very quickly, like in many of Alex's past recommendations:

• Cree Inc. 123% in two months
• GNC Holdings 86% in 78 days
• Tableau Software 140% in three months
• Grifols SA 77% in 28 days
• AVG Technologies 271% in 74 days
• MercadoLibre 431% in one month
• Synaptics Incorporated 294% in 39 days
• ResMed Inc. 108% in three months
• Trinity Industries 411% in 23 days
• NeuStar Inc. 296% in four months.

In addition...

  • You'll receive The Momentum Alert weekly updates.

    Each week, you'll receive Alex's analysis of each situation, tracking its movement and letting you know about any big news affecting the company.

    Quite often, he'll tell you it's time to take profits.

    One of the things he likes to do, which I think is really smart, is once the position has produced enough profit to cover your initial stake, he'll recommend selling a portion.

    That way, you're basically playing with "free" money.


  • You will have unlimited access to The Momentum Alert private website.

    This password-protected website will contain every trade alert...

    As well as a 24/7 performance tracker that will allow you to keep tabs on each recommendation and how much wealth The Momentum Alert is creating for you.

    You'll also have immediate access to an archive of every one of Alex's alerts and updates.

    And that's not all...

  • You will have your own personal concierge service ready to help you at a moment's notice.

    This is a highly trained team of professionals whom you will be able to call or email whenever you have any questions about your subscription.

    Best part?

    This service is completely free of charge.

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"I've made tens of thousands of dollars. Keep up the great work!"
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"This service is the absolute best I have seen in 25 years of investing!"
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"Thank you for a great recommendation... I sold for a 520% profit after seven weeks."
– Terry Grant

Now this is important...

As you know, only 500 people will be able to take part in The Momentum Alert with today's invitation.

Currently, The Oxford Club has over 85,000 Members.

So if just 1% of our Members take advantage of this opportunity in the next 24 hours, I'll have to close the doors immediately.

That means available spots will go fast. And I could be forced to end this invitation period tomorrow.

But if you're one of the 500 people who accept this invitation today, you'll get a full $1,000 off the already discounted price of $1,995 a year.

So you'll receive The Momentum Alert for only $995.

That's more than 75% OFF the normal price of $4,000.

Once you lock in this low rate, you'll never be charged a higher rate... no matter how long you stay with The Momentum Alert.

That's the absolute best we can do, and you may NEVER see this price offered again.

In other words, if you've ever thought about trying a premium-level research service, the best time is right now…

On top of it all, we're giving you not one, but two certified guarantees...

Momentum Alert Guarantee #1

Take a full 90 days to see how wealthy this can make you.

Right now, Alex is investigating a breaking situation that could lead to another big winner.

It involves a somewhat under-the-radar company that's been hiking earnings tremendously... Sure enough, Alex has spotted a wave of money taking notice.

As you have seen, that's likely to lead to a very quick increase in the share price.

Alex tells me that this one is very time-sensitive, so he'll be sending out the alert shortly to everyone on board. It could well be your first triple-bagger.

He's also looking at several companies that have passed his Predictive Protocols... As soon as they hit their Liftoff Points, he'll send you an immediate alert.

You can follow these recommendations and see how profitable Alex's system can be for you.

However, if after 90 days you aren't convinced that dedicating just a few minutes a week to Alex's research could make you rich, simply contact our VIP Services Team.

You will receive a refund – minus a 5% processing fee.

I'm also including one more long-term guarantee, so that you can have complete peace of mind regarding Alex's Momentum Alert...

Momentum Alert Guarantee #2

Alex will close out AT LEAST five triple-digit winners during your first year.

How can we offer such a bold promise?

Simple, really.

As you've seen, Alex has closed out over 165 triple-digit gains in the past 12 years.

That's, on average, one triple-digit gain PER MONTH.

And in the past year alone, Alex has closed out a full 15 triple-digit gains.

I doubt that this track record of extreme success will change.

However, I want to guarantee that your experience with The Momentum Alert is outstanding.

So if you haven't been given the opportunity to close out five triple-digit gains by your one-year anniversary, then I'll give you a full 100% refund.

All you have to do is call our VIP Services Team to claim it.

To get started reaping the rewards from The Momentum Alert, simply fill out the easy subscription form below.

Or, if you prefer, call our VIP Services Team at 888.570.9830 or 443.353.4537.

They are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday.


George Rayburn
Director of Business Operations, The Oxford Club

(No debit cards please.) When you pay for a one year subscription to The Momentum Alert with your credit card, you will be billed $995. Every year thereafter, we will automatically bill your card at this steeply discounted rate. You will receive a reminder before your subscription is auto-renewed.

With this "auto-renew" feature, you guarantee that you never miss a single alert. It does not obligate you in any way; you may opt out at any time after this purchase. And you will still have the next 90 days to review and use Alex's research with our satisfaction guarantee.

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